Monday, June 9, 2008


This morning I woke up in a good mood. Maybe because I had a nice full night of sleep? Maybe because I was able to have a great visit with out of town family? Maybe because I was able to spend another day with my grandma? Maybe because I have had a really great weekend? But honestly...I think the real reason was this:


It's kinda funny because a friend of ours (whose baby is 11 days younger than Emily) updated her blog to announce that her daughter crawled for the first time yesterday! I was so excited for her and wondered when Emily would start crawling too! I didn't expect it to be about an hour after I read her blog!

Now granted, she only crawled about 5 steps (do you call them steps?) the first time before she gave up and sat herself up. I immediately jumped up, grabbed the phone and called Erik with tears in my eyes! Then I was enticing her with toys and she crawled about 3 more steps before she sat herself up. Then I noticed she was getting tired (it was nap time) and I wondered what would make her continue to crawl - so I took out my secret weapon...Emily's best friend...Baby Tad. She only crawled 2 more steps to him before she gave up for good. I let her play with Baby Tad for about 10 minutes and then it was definitely nap time!

I am hoping it wasn't a fluke and she keeps it up! It feels a little bittersweet because I know how much Erik was looking forward to witnessing it for the first time and he missed it this morning. She moved pretty slow so I am hoping she'll get the hang of it a little more throughout the day and if so, I am bringing her down to the firehouse to show him tonight! :)

So other than that - the weekend was great! I was able to visit with my family again yesterday! We had a nice BBQ at my mom's house. My cousin Donna and her husband Mike are in town and it was SUCH a nice visit yesterday! I miss her SO much. She is my favorite cousin! Her son is my favorite 2nd cousin (which actually he doesn't feel like a 2nd cousin - more like a first - or even like a brother too!). They are just great people and I wish they never moved! I am hoping and praying they can make it down for Christmas this year because Christmas just isn't the same without them!

So other than that - I am attaching some pictures from yesterday. My poor grandma didn't feel too well but she is sounding and feeling MUCH better today!

I am now off to shower before the munchkin awakes...


Emily was talking to her "Mimi"


Serenity said...

YA EMILY!!! don't worry she is going to be racing across the floor on all fours before you know it and you'll be chasing her :) That is exciting news. HUGS


Anonymous said...

Okay - you know it's not going to be "easy" anymore right?!!! Oh boy we are in trouble!

Congrats Emily!!! The girls are growing up so fast!

Love the fam pics. Glad you got to see your g-ma again.