Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carriers, Birthdays and Sunsets

What a great day I had today! Once again, I am exhausted and blogging. I probably should be banned from doing this. Tired blogging = bad grammar and spelling and not making much sense! Oh well!

So today Erik and I ventured out to Lafayette so I could buy an Ergo. For those that don't know what an Ergo's a baby carrier. I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN'T HAVE THIS SOONER!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it! The bonding I feel with Emily when wearing her is awesome! You can wear her in the front like this:

Or you can wear her on the back like this:

I LOVE IT and can't wait to wear her more! :)

Today was Erik's mom's birthday and we had dinner at La Strada in American Canyon followed by a nice walk looking at the sunset! :) It was a GREAT way to end the night! :) The sunset was AWESOME and just SO beautiful! The camera DEFINITELY doesn't do the view justice but it captures it a bit! :)

It was a good day! It was hot - but it was still a good day!

I am off to bed, but of course, not before I share more photos!

Sweet dreams! :)


Anonymous said...

Denise - she looks so happy in the Ergo! I absolutely love the pic of her knocked out on Erik's back! Priceless! If there was ANY question of her being comfortable in the Ergo, that picture answers it!

I am so glad you all like it! Love the pictures! :)

Serenity said...

I never realized you didn't have any baby carrier system. I haven't ever tried the Ergo. But we have a snugli that does front and back that has now been through two kids and I made a sling (it is just like a hotsling) that I have been wearing Alex in since he was a few months old. I love babywearing!!! Enjoy your Ergo!!