Tuesday, August 5, 2008

11 Months Old and Remembering My Grandma...

Today Emily turned 11 months old! She is almost a year - I can't believe it!

With her 11 month milestone she has now learned to shake her head "yes" (which actually is more like her entire body), say "bunny", "goose", and know just what "uh-oh" means. Her new favorite thing to do is to throw something from her highchair, look down at it and say "uh oh". It's cute actually! :)

We have been very busy being with family and preparing for my grandma's funeral this Thursday. It's been tough and tonight I am faced with the task of writing what I want to say and having Erik read it for me at the funeral. As you can tell I am procrastinating. I am exhausted and it seems so hard! :( I have a few things I know I will say and just hope it all comes out right!

I miss her so much! Each time my phone rings and I see it's my mom...I automatically jump thinking it's the phone call to get to my grandma's house. I know it's not. When my phone rings and it's private I think it's my grandma calling, only to hear it's not. When I drive out to Antioch to see my family, I can't help but feel I am actually on the way to see her, when actually I am not.

It's hard and it will continue to be for a while but I will get through this. I cried in Macy's trying to find something to wear to the funeral today. Sometimes the tears just start flowing and as you can tell, I can be anywhere!

We met with the pastor going to do the eulogy tonight. He is my mom's neighbor and I grew up next door to him. His daughter was my best friend growing up. We were so close, we were joined at the hip. I am very grateful he is delivering the eulogy and it was actually touching to sit around and talk about our memories of Mam-ma.

At any rate, I need to cut this short as I am exhausted. I hope you all have a great night!

Sweet dreams everyone! :)


Ashley said...

YAY for Emily! It sounds so cute! I'm glad to see that you are doing as well as can be expected during this hard time. Good Luck with the speech writting! Your all still in my thoughts and prayers!

Minxy Mimi said...

Happy 11 months Emily!!!

((Hugs)) I am sorry once again for your loss.