Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Love...

There are so many things I am lovin' today! :)

I got some cards in the mail from a friend of mine yesterday for mine and Emily's birthday. I wasn't expecting them from her and it made an already good day even better. I was definitely touched!

Today I woke up even more excited now for Emily's first birthday! Erik did SO MUCH work on the yard yesterday (with the help of his parents) and it looks great!

After the longgggggggg day of cleaning the outside (his job) and cleaning the inside (my job) we took a trip out to Goore's in Sacramento to get my gift. I already knew what I was going to get because he told me and we had looked around at different ones. I needed to make sure what style I wanted as there were different ones. The one I got was completely different than the two I originally had my eye on, and the style I originally had my eye on!

So I got my birthday gift. funny as it sounds...I wanted a diaper bag. But not ANY diaper bag! I wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Why...I don't know? Because they are cute and trendy and nice and WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than my flimsy one that doesn't stay closed and is a pain in the you know what!

So here are pictures of the one I ended up getting:'s not the prettiest bag. The pictures REALLY don't do it justice. In fact, when I saw it online I didn't really like it. Like I said, I had my eyes on 2 other ones. But when we got to the store, I looked at it and liked it. It wasn't an easy decision...I think I sat there for an hour trying to make up my mind but my mind kept going back to that I got it! :)

YAY for an amazing husband and YAY for a diaper bag that doesn't suck and YAY for birthdays! :)

We have been SO busy lately that I haven't been online as much! Emily naps, I had a few minutes to say a quick hello to everyone before I jump in the shower to start another very busy day!

Hope you are having a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!

"Talk" with you soon! :)


Baby Momma said...

Love it!!! Happy early Birthday! :)

alison said...

Despite the pink, I actually love that bag!