Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Busy as a Bee :)

The past few days have been pretty busy for us. My sister-in-law, niece and nephew were in town and we were able to spend an evening with them at The Jungle. The Jungle is a place where kids can go and scream to their heart’s content, while becoming incredibly sweaty as they run, crawl and climb their way through giant tubes. They have a little area for infants to 3 years old filled with colored balls, a jungle gym that you would find at any outdoor park, and a few other things. In my opinion, that area is more for children that can walk unassisted and don't need their parents to watch over them as they jump around. It was definitely scary for me to watch Emily playing and to see these other toddlers just running, screaming and almost toppling over our daughter.

I, of course, was the proud mommy with camera in hand taking pictures while all the other mommies looked at me like I was crazy. I was able to snap a few pics of her playing:

The day after the Jungle experience we were suppose to head out to my grandma's to finish cleaning out her apartment of her furniture and belongings. We needed to be there around 10 or so to help. As those plans were being made, I received a phone call from my step-mom who informed me that my dad needed surgery for a staph infection in his elbow. She said it would be the next morning at 11. Plans diverted once again.

My dad had a staph infection four years ago from a bone spur he acquired while doing some yard work. It flared up again and he had to go in for some more surgery. Erik, Emily and I made our way out to Antioch to be there for his surgery and to visit afterwards. The surgery went well! My dad was even grumpy afterwards which means he must have been feeling alright! Today I found out he needs to stay an extra night and they may need to open him up again tomorrow, but we shall see!

After visiting my dad we headed over to help clean out my grandma's apartment. It was done by the time we walked into the lobby. We didn't even make it into her apartment. It was hard walking in the building, it brought tears to my eyes. I miss her so much.

After visiting with my mom and cousin we made our way out to Walnut Creek so that Erik could get an iphone. The store had just sold their last one so we decided to have some dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen before heading home.

When we got home my friends came over for drinks and a few games of Balderdash. It was a lot of fun!

Today...I did NOTHING! :) It felt nice to finally have a day of doing NOTHING! :) Although, poor little Emily has had a runny nose all day. I am hoping it is corresponding with teething and not a cold!

Well, it's about 930 and it's time to hit the hay. I want to read some before drifting off to sleep so I better get at it now as our little sweetheart seems to be waking up pretty early these past few days!

Sweet dreams! :)

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Darcie said...

You have been busy! I wish I was that kind of busy. I love going places, doing things (no matter the circumstances), seeing friends.

My problem is we never go places, can't afford to do many things and we friends out here that don't live in our computer! Ha ha.

Ahh. Maybe now you can relax?