Monday, August 25, 2008

Swingin' on a Sunday

Yesterday was a nice day. Our friend Val came over with her daughter Kaylee (who have been on this blog several times). The girls played for a bit before we headed off for some very yummy lunch, visited Erik at work, and then off to the playground for swinging and fun!

The weather was hot, Emily so desperately needed a nap, but it was still a nice time! Emily LOVED the swings! Normally she'll just sit there and look at you like "wow...not too fun mom" but yesterday - she loved them! YAY! :)

This is Emily on the swing:

Followed by Ms. Kaylee havin' a blast:

YAY for swings!:

Kaylee lookin' cute sittin' on some wobbly thing: (Sorry - don't know the correct term for it!)

Ms. Emily sitting on the wobbly thing with the "I-DESPERATELY-need-a-nap-I-am-not-sure-about-this-wobbly-thing-and-you-keep-puttin'-this-hat-back-on-my-nugget-every-time-I-take-it-off" look!

And after a day of fun...what else can you do but sleep! :)

And last but not is my bragging mommy moment of having to share the cutest video of Emily crackin' up on the swings:


alison said...

gotta admit, the vid made me a little dizzy - but it was worth it!!

Minxy Mimi said...

Awww, those babies are so cute! I love the crashed out pic. Max was like that with the swings at first, all of a sudden he started liking them!