Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homies Forever...

So we did the diaper derby today! Emily did GREAT the first heat. There were only 5 babies so 2 went against each other at a time. Erik sat her down next to her competition while I was at the other end. I had my cell phone in hand in hopes to entice her (she is OBSESSED with the cell phone and literally throws a tantrum when I take it away). She crawled to me while the other baby just sat there and didn't move.



As soon as everyone started clapping...she got scared and started crying....and didn't stop. She was already super tired and teething and those two, mixed with loud clapping, do not mix!

The final round came along and she calmed down a tad. We figured she should crawl to Erik this time. We now had the cell phone and her favorite pop up book ready to go. I sat her down and people were cheering and she just cried. She didn't even move. Poor little Emily! :(

But she came in 2nd! :) Even though it wasn't first place...she'll always be first place to us! :)

We picked her up and gave her some tylenol and tried to get her to sleep. After a LONG while she FINALLY went to sleep and then slept for probably an hour and a half to two hours.

I will have video next post! I am not sure how the video turned out because I haven't watched it yet so hopefully it is post-able! :)

After the diaper derby hoopla, we met up with some friends and talked a bit. It is always nice to see them and they just love Emily to pieces! :)

After parting ways with our friends, we decided to walk around and take in the fair. We went into an exhibit hall where people that have made quilts and afghans and food displays and other arts and crafts had entered them to win. It was neat looking at the entries...but it was also super hard on me. Halfway through I just turned around and looked at Erik and started crying. I had to leave the hall and wait for everyone to finish outside. I just stood outside and cried while they were in there. It made me miss my grandma SO SO much. I had no idea it would make me upset like that, but it did. About a month before my grandma passed she had made a doily that one of the aids at the place she lived at entered at the fair. She won first place. She was SO proud of herself and we were all proud of her too. I sure miss her.

At any rate...after that...I think Erik wanted me to cheer up so he FINALLY obliged me in my dorkiness (I had pretty much been begging him prior to that exhibit) and agreed to get our picture taken at one of the booths. I had the same picture taken two years ago with his sister (I wasn't sober that time...this time I was) and I TOTALLY was in a dorky mood (prior to the grandma thing) and wanted to do it we did. We got the picture on 2 coffee mugs (one for home and one for the firehouse) and 2 keychains for me. This is a scan of my keychain - so not the best quality. Now keep in mind that this pic was taken with a husband who had a few drinks (as you can tell by the pic), a sober wife who had zero drinks and who had just been crying (you can tell) and a baby who DESPERATELY needed a nap (as you can tell!). Needless to say right after we did this picture is when when Emily finally went down for her nap! :)

It was a nice day but I am pooped and am now heading to bed! I am going to be a rebel and not even preview this post. I am not going to spell check nor am I going to try and fix my grammar! Oh what a rebel I am! :)

Sweet dreams! 'Til next time...


Brett said...

I just realized that b/c we came home yesterday, I could have done the dang diaper derby. I am so bummed :(
Yay Emily for doing so well!

Sorry the one Hall made you so sad, but how great is it that small, simple things like that remind you of what a wonderful woman your Grandma was. In time it will get easier. You will always miss her, but eventually the raw pain of it will fade. I love remembering my Grandma - although it makes me sad she isn't here, thinking of her always brings a smile to my face. I hope for this peace for you.

Kimmy said...

Yah for Emily!!! The pic of you guys is still cute!! Glad you guys had a great time! Goodness knows you needed it :O) XOXO

Trina said...

The first video wont play =(