Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh What We Do For Our Kids!

I have never been one that has ever felt comfortable in a bathing suit - even before having Emily! It is something that has caused great anxiety and has NEVER been something I have enjoyed! However, yesterday was not only a nice day weather-wise but it was also my dad's birthday which made for a perfect day to swim and BBQ.

Before we left the house, I thought of a million reasons why we shouldn't swim. I tried to explain that it is too cold (which technically it was where we live but not where my dad lives...and honestly...I knew that.) I tried to explain Emily was still a little snotty and maybe she shouldn't go in the water (although the faucet of snot had been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced). I tried to explain I didn't have a bathing suit to wear...which technically...I don't really. I ended up saying I would be the videographer/photographer so we could have memories! YAY! A GREAT excuse!

So...we get to my is warm outside and Erik decides it's time to swim. FUN! We change Emily into her suit and swim diaper and I take her out to the pool while Erik changes. I put her on the first step of the pool (with me standing in the water soaking my carpi's) and she is already have a blast! Erik comes out and gets in the pool with her while I go in to grab the camera.


I thought to myself...I can't miss this. She is having so much fun! I want to be apart of this too! So 5 minutes after Erik got in, I decided it was time to put all my shame away and get in the pool. (Erik was a little concerned on who would videotape and take pictures but I assured him my step-mom was more than capable!).

So I put the swimsuit on. What a mess. The top no longer fit to one and the bottoms didn't fit on another (yes I brought two difference suits!). Nice. So I opted for the top to one and the bottoms to the other. Whatever. It's just family. Or at least that's what I told myself as I walked out, towel around me, to the pool.

I quickly got in and just about froze! I had no choice though. Either get in slowly and risk people seeing me in the bathing suit...or get in quickly enough and endure the coldness! Yeah...I'll opt for turning into an ice cube! :)

So I got in and was able to enjoy our daughter's first time in a big pool! It was amazing! She was having a BLAST! She would kick her legs and splash her arms and would cry when you tried to sit her on the step for a minute to adjust her bathing suit. She wanted to be in the water and she wanted to kick her legs, squeal, laugh and splash! It was by far one of my favorite moments of her life thus far!

Here are the pics from yesterday...

Needless to say...I am back on my Weight Watchers diet. I have gained 8 pounds back from the 22 I lost and it SHOWS. of today I am back on track and plan on losing that weight before Emily's (and my) birthday on September 5th! :)


Darcie said...

Kudos to you for donning the bathing suit and going for it! They're only little once! I've gotten my jiggly self in the pool a couple of times for Beth and I probably will next year for Robby. I hate it but I'd hate myself more if they grew up like I did: scared to death of the water and never learning how to swim! True story.

And good for you for doing WW again. I'd love to sign up with them and stuff, and maybe join Curves, but it's just not financially feasible right now. :(

Kimmy said...

I TOTALLY understand about the whole anxiety thing and swimming pools!!! I too am the EXACT same way so I know!! I tend to put t-shirts over my bathing suit. LAME! But I recently bought my red one from my camping photos, which it looks like a tank top so it works out great. I just wear shorts now instead of the t-shirt!! LOL

And YAH for WW!!!! I was wondering what happened cause I never heard back from you about it. I kind of figured you went off of it. You'll do great!! I know you will! Remember, I'm here for support! :O)

Minxy Mimi said...

Congrats on your weight loss and your beautiful little sweetie! I am a "plus sizer" and I have come to realize that we need to accept and love ourselves no matter what we weigh. I think its awesome you want to loose weight and are doing it...but never stop realizing you are beautiful no matter what your size!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics, especially the one of all three of you! Too cute.

I hear you on the swim suit thing. I scare myself when I put one on! As soon as Kaylee quits BF I am all over a diet! I'll join you at WW!

alison said...

you're my hero for wearing the suit - and you look beautiful anyway!! plus, you would have missed out on the awesome family pic if you had chickened out - so yay you. :)