Monday, October 6, 2008

Brapp Brapp and More Brapp

Yesterday Erik and I made our way up to Folsom to watch our friends' son, Jake, race in the Dodge 2008 Amateur Motocross Nationals. It was a GREAT time! We didn't bring our camera so the pics and video below are from my cell phone. Hopefully my friend will email me some pictures and video that I can share with you all later on.

Jake had been racing all week and was qualified to race in the main event on Sunday. His first race he did GREAT even though he fell. He ended up coming in 4th overall in his class which is AWESOME. He won a plaque to show off how well he did! There were kids from all over the United States there and to come in 4th is GREAT! I couldn't be more proud!!!

When Jake fell he was injured, so on his second race he decided that he would just go out there and have fun. Jake decided he wanted to see how many people he could pass up if he waited to be the last out of the gate. I believe he ended up passing up four other people.

After the race was over, it was back to Trina and Robert's trailer for margaritas and beer (while we waited for almost three stinkin' hours for professional pictures to be ready)! We then packed up, went to lunch and then headed home! It was a long day but a very fun one! I came home sunburned which means today I am tanned from it! :) YAY! A tiny bit of color! Here are some pictures and videos. Like I said, they are from my camera phone so they pretty much suck. Once I get some better ones from my friend I'll do an update with them!

What did all of you do this weekend?!?

The track:

Flyin' through the air! Jake and Robert talking before his 80 open race (the one he decided to have fun with)... Robert doin' some farming before Jake's race... On the line 30 seconds before his first race... Kisses for mom... Erik and Jess foolin' around while we wait for pictures! :) And the videos! They are hard to see and loud but still cool! : ) You can't see Jake on here because it goes so fast - but it's still neat to watch!

This one is his second race. He is at the end...and obviously the last one to take off! :)


Kimmy said...

Those pics may be from your cell phone but they sure did turn out really good!!

Love your layout! Where are you getting them??????

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