Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I was interviewed!!

Wendy over at Adoption and Fire came up with a fun idea to let all of us out there in blog-land get to know one another!

She interviewed me with the following questions in which I am supplying my answers:

1. Has being married to a firefighter changed your outlook on life and how you see the world?

In a way it has. Every time Erik leaves for work there is that tiny bit of fear that he may not come home again. I always make sure to tell him I love him and to be careful. Growing up you always think of the firefighter as the hero and, I know for me at least, I never thought about that wife (or husband) at home. I never realized what they must go through as well. I actually blogged about being a firefighter's wife a while ago and I just read the post again and that pretty much sums up how I feel. I have learned not to take things for granted because who knows if Erik will come home again after each time he goes to work. I have learned that holidays are just days and can be celebrated on a different day than the rest of the world celebrates. I have learned not to take things for granted. I realize I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him and I am working on that because I appreciate him more than he will ever know!

I am now personally affected each time I hear of a line-of-duty death whether it is a firefighter, police officer or military personnel. Prior to knowing Erik, I wouldn't even think twice about it. Sure, it is always sad to hear of someone dying in their chosen profession, but now...it literally hits VERY close to home. This morning on the news I was watching the procession for a fallen police officer and at one point they passed the firefighters who had hung a flag 7 stories up and stood saluting the police officers as they passed. I literally had goosebumps and was in tears. Prior to being with Erik, I don't think it would have affected me that way. In fact, I know it wouldn't.

2. Do you think you parent differently because you are married to a firefighter?

I am not quite sure how to answer this since I am a first-time mommy and she was born while Erik was a firefighter? In a way I guess I do parent a little differently than those not married to civil servants. By that I mean that for a minimum of 48 hours a week I am a single mom. Now don't get me wrong, he is very much a part of her life, but for those 48 hours (which lately has been 72 or so) I am the one bathing her, feeding her, putting her down for a nap, changing the poopy diapers, running the errands with her, and doing everything by myself. I am NOT complaining - I LOVE being a mommy...but for 2-3 days a week I do it by myself without help. If I am sick, I am here doing it alone. If I have things that I need to get done for myself, sometimes those get put off until he gets off shift.

I also do my best to keep him home when he's at work. By that I mean that I made a book of pictures of just Erik and Emily and I will read it to her so "Dada" is close. We will call him and talk to him and sometimes go and visit him after 5 at work. When we say our prayers at night we always include daddy in them too. I am not sure if that is any different than others do but that is just what we do!

3. I might have missed this post, but how did you come up with the name of your blog?

If any of you want to read my very first post that talks about how I came up with the name of the blog, you can read it here. However, it's a pretty long post so I will sum it up right here:

When I came up with the idea of doing a blog I was stumped for names of what to call it. I didn't want to use our last name. I wanted something unique. I was staring at the pictures scrolling across the screensaver when this picture came up:

Emily LOVED to play with spoons when we were out at a restaurant (and still does sometimes) and she'd always giggle or laugh and just have a GREAT time with a spoon. I wanted to use "playing with spoons" but it was taken so I thought "laughing with spoons" went hand-in-hand and I used that! :).

So now it's your turn to play along!! I would love to interview you! If you have a blog and you would like for me to interview you, I will leave a question or two for you in the comment section of this post. Once your questions have been posted, you will then create a blog post on your blog with the answers to said question(s). I agree with Wendy and think this would be a fun way to get to know you even better! If you are game for an interview, leave me a comment to let me know and then come back to check what your question(s) are


Kimmy said...

This does sound like a fun idea! Although you already know me, I'm sure there are some things that you don't know and would like to know so ask away!!! :O)

Denise said...

YAY! So my questions to you are...

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

2. What would you say was a defining moment for you?

3. What do you think is the most important thing to teach a child?

These are thought provoking! :) Hope you don't mind!

Kimmy said...

Alright, I'll need some time for this but will have it up by the end of the night! :O)

Minxy Mimi said...

I always wondered where your blog title came from. Thanks for clearing that up.
Take care of yourselves and props to your hubby for his demanding and very appreciated job.

Wendy said...

Thanks for playing along and for also keeping this going too! I am going to follow the blogs that respond to your request. Should be fun! And count me in on your interview, although it might be a few days before I can answer because I am heading out to Rhode Island for a fire chaplains conference.

Denise said...

Okay Wendy...here are your questions...

1. Being in the fire service and being married to someone who is too...what things have you learned that you could pass on to others? (Meaning...what sort of life-advice could you pass on to others?) Is that making sense?? It is to me but it's not typing out right!

2. I am going to ask you the same thing you asked me because I am curious of your answer...do you think you parent differently because you are married to a firefighter (and because you are a fire chaplain)?

3. You probably mentioned this somewhere before but...what made you adopt from overseas?