Thursday, September 11, 2008

Checkin' Out...

Emily had her well-baby appointment today! Everything checked out perfectly!

She is above-average when it comes to her speech and language skills and is right on track with her eating habits (or lack thereof).

Emily has MSPI (milk/soy protein intolerance) and the one-year mark is when we can start introducing milk and soy back into her diet. I am scared to death to reintroduce it but we are going to attempt it here very soon. I am looking forward to her trying her very first ice cream cone! Every time we have ice cream, she looks at it like she wants to try it, and now, we can let her have some! It's a VERY scary thing for me to try the milk and soy because I definitely don't want to see any bloody diapers ever again. It will be a waiting game once we reintroduce everything. We may not know that it is causing issues for up to two weeks after she tries it. But...hopefully she's outgrown the intolerance and everything will work out just fine!

She had a blood test for anemia today. I also had to have a blood test for a routine physical. They called both of us in together but I asked them to take her blood first and then I would come in. It breaks my heart anytime she has to get shots (which she didn't have to do today since we are dealying some) or have bloodwork (which she has had numerous times). I could hear her screaming and crying as they took her blood and was thankful Erik was in there with her. After I was all done I came out and showed Emily my bandage too and she grabbed my hand and just held it. It was super cute!

At any rate...our baby's stats are in...

She is a whoppin' 24 pounds, 7 ounces. This puts her at the 91% for weight.
She is a whoppin' 31.5 inches in height which puts her at 98% for height.
Her head circumference is proportionate at 44.5 cm for a 32% average.

She is growing right along! It's hard to believe I have a toddler now! :)


Anonymous said...

24 lbs!!! Dang! I hope for you guys that she has outgrown her MSPI. So, are you starting soon? Are you going to try a bottle of milk & see how it goes?

I have a ton of questions b/c I think we are going to give K milk soon & her appt isn't until the 22nd...

Congrats on a big healthy girl! :)

Anonymous said...

oh - PS. I LOVE this new background. Better than the red even! :)