Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Please tell me I am not getting sick again! Emily is snotty again and I figured it was teething. But today...I am feeling a little cold coming on. I have got to stop kissin' on her so much when she's even the least bit snotty!

But it's just so hard because she's so darn cute and lovable! :) Please send me healthy vibes (and Emily too) because we both need them before Saturday!

At any rate...she only took a few steps here and there today. Nothing compared to yesterday. I am guessing she is waiting for daddy to come home tomorrow to show off her new skills! :)

Well...this is short but I am going to go watch a movie I rented and go to bed!

'til next time! :)


MommaKiss said...

It's her first b-day, too? And yours! Cool!

Altho, I'm in denial about him turning 1. WTH? I can't accept it.

He's been walking for a couple of months. Sigh. My baby boy - growing up.

I heard you liked a certain b-day invite I helped make. I would have totally done one for you!

Feel better - both of you!

Kimmy said...

I think we're getting sick over here too! This SUCKS!! What is it with summer colds??

I have to agree with you too, it's just to hard to resist not giving our cutie-bugs (no pun intended) all sorts of kisses! They're just so irresistable!!!!

I hope you get better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! No summer sickies! Drink lots of water & rest well. Saturday is going to be here before you know it!

Hope you guys both feel better soon.