Sunday, September 14, 2008

Silly Sevens

Okay...yes...I JUST blogged and am blogging again! I super puffy heart (as Val says) "surveys" (so-to-speak) and when presented with one - I can't pass it up! I was reading Jo-Jo's blog and she must have read quite a few other blogs who did this too...and I thought this would be fun...

So now I am doing it too! :)

7 things I do well:
1. Love
2. Drive (unless you ask my husband)
3. Listen
4. Divorces (it is what I do for a living)
5. BBQ potatoes
6. Text Msg (stop laughing - you know you do it too!)
7. Take Millions of Pictures to remember events!

7 things I don't do well:
1. Handle ants
2. Bedrest
3. Lie
4. Care for plants/flowers
5. Create Great headers for blogs (keeping Jo-Jo's answers)
6. Cook (although I CAN isn't something I love to do - especially since I am not confident with it)
7. Keeping the gas tank full and not letting the gas light come on (also keeping Jo-Jo's answer)

7 things I have never done:
1. Been out of the country (to me Tiajuana and Canada don't count)
2. Bungee Jumped
3. Been on a cruise
4. Been skiing/snowboarding
5. Jumped out of an airplane
6. Given birth naturally
7. Met my great-grandparents

7 things I want to do:
2. Get a degree
3. Get a new car
4. Become more outgoing (see blog below)
5. Have another child
6. Have a honeymoon
7. Get proposed to

7 things I say often:
1. Love you bye
2. I love you
4. "Oh wow" (copying Emily)
5. "leeeegggssss" (to make Emily laugh)
6. Rar
7. "nigh-nigh" time?

7 things my kids think I say often:
1. I just love love love you
2. Nigh nigh time?
4. Uh-oh
5. Wow
6. Where is Emily's belly?
7. Where is the banana?

7 things I will NEVER say:
1. I love ants
2. I love fruits/veggies
3. I love to run (keeping jo-jo's answer)
4. I hate champagne
5. I just LOVE when she is teething
6. I love changing poopy diapers! :)
7. I think I'll give up carbs.

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