Monday, September 15, 2008

A Little About Me... I wasn't tagged to do this like other people were - but dang it - I want to participate too! I love surveys and such and thought why not! :)

At the bottom I will tag some of my blogger friends (be sure to check out their answers...or to leave them mean responses if they don't participate...okay...semi kidding about that last part). Be sure to leave nice responses if they do! :)

So here goes...

1. Where were you 10 years ago?

September 1998. Can I even remember back that far? Let's see...I was dating a guy that was a total loser, working in the law field, and living on my own - in my own apartment. I was having fun with friends going to clubs and didn't seem to have a care in the world! Life was grand (minus the crappy boyfriend) and I was having fun! I was 24.

2. What is on today's To Do List?

To get in the friggen shower instead of blogging. But...oops...looks like I have messed that up already!

We are going to have to go to Costco to pick up some pictures and we are having a family friend over for dinner.

3. What would you do if you were a billionaire?

First and foremost, I'd buy a house. I'd pay off all bills and then buy a nice house. Heck...I'd also buy a house on a bluff at the ocean and maybe one in Tahoe too! :)

College funds for Emily and unborn child (no...I am not pregnant but I do plan on having another child) would be set up and money would be put away for them when they are older...and mature enough to handle it.

I'd then share the wealth. Not with everyone...(although I bet some people I don't even talk to would re-enter my life!) but with family and friends that could really use some help. I'd buy a few family/friends a house and help them out as much as I could!

I would also donate money to a few different charities. I am not sure which ones right now - it will take some thinking...but charities will be on the receiving end of my money.

4. Name 5 places you have lived:

- Antioch, California
- Concord, California
- Walnut Creek, California
- American Canyon, California
- No 5th place

5. Name 3 of your bad habits:

- Eating habits
- Overly emtional/sensitive
- Procrastination (like right now!)

6. What are your favorite snacks?

Ice cream...peanut butter and chocolate...chips...cheesecake...cupcakes...regular cake...

Okay...don't ask me this when I am hungry!

7. Who will you tag for this?

I am tagging a few...don't disappoint me fellow bloggers! :)

I am tagging Momma Kiss over at her blog

Val is also being tagged over at her blog

Ms. Darcie is being tagged at her blog

Kim over at her blog

And last but not least...

Ms. Serenity at her blog!

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Kimmy said...

YAH! I love survey type stuff!!! I will join in once I get home from work. :O)