Monday, November 17, 2008

Too-Toos and Goaks

This weekend was another busy one! The weather was absolutely gorgeous (mid-80s)! We decided to pack up and head out to Train Town in Sonoma with some friends and their son on Saturday.

We started off on the Merry-Go-Round and Emily was NOT having it. She didn't feel good (her molars are being extra mean to her) and she cried the entire time while sitting on the horse. After we got done torturing her the ride was over, we waited for the train to arrive to take us through the park.

It's always a nice scenic ride with a stop at a make-believe town that offers a petting zoo.

Waiting on the train for the ride to begin...

Poor mean molars!

Going through a tunnel! This pic cracked me up! She didn't cry - her eyes just got huge!

And feeding the "goaks"

Emily has learned two new words in regards to Train Town. For the first one, she has learned what a train "says". When asking her "Emily...what does a train say?" she says "too too". It's so cute.

She also learned what a goat is...but to her it isn't a "goat" it is a "goaK". It's adorable!

In other family news...I registered for school today! I am super excited but also super nervous. I have not been in school for ELEVEN years! I was wondering today if kids (look at me calling 20-somethings "kids") really do bring lap-tops to class like I see in the movies or if people actually do it the old fashioned way...the way I always did it...with paper and pen! I tend to think I would learn more with paper and pen but I also don't want to be the odd one out!

I am taking biology and chemistry this semeseter. I was told they are both really difficult classes and that both have about a 50% chance of passing. I sure hope going back to school is like riding a bike...but I have a weird isn't!

At any sure to come back tomorrow for your new assignment for Thankful Tuesday! :)


Minxy Mimi said...

Good luck with school!!!

I love train town, its so fun! I think Ive been there 5 times, the first 2 times I didnt have kids (LOL) Its a cool place and your daughter is a cutie!

Kimmy said...

Awww..Train Town looks like fun! I like trains and so does Sabrina. We should check it out sometime. My cousin lives in Sonoma so maybe I can go visit her while I'm out there.

Good luck with school!!!

jori-o said...

My babe is having molar issues too! Looks like you had a not-so-bad time after all was said and done. ;)

Jen B. said...

Looks like Train Town was a blast! Love the big eyes!

Congrats & good luck on becoming a student again! I'm sure you will be very successful!

Lacey in the Sky said...

Awww man, she is SO cute! I hope those molars stop pickin' on your princess!

Pink Ink said...

Your baby is so cute! Even when she's a little sad-looking.

Mid-80s! Here, it's like 30s at night, 60s for the highs.


Anonymous said...

YAY for school!!! Let me know if you need any help. I scraped by chem, but biology I'm decent at! :)

I'm so sad I couldn't do Train Town with you guys. :( I am still sick w/ a cold, and now I have pink eye. Fun times huh. So we will go see the goaks & too toos when I'm all better!

Trina said...

I'm soooooooo proud of you!!
I luff you!!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Cute blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll have to check back often!! :)