Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking Back At This Week...

It sure seems like Thanksgiving came and went so quickly this year.

It's so funny how we spent a week or two prior to the Thanksgiving feast getting everything ready to accommodate 18 people. We rented tables and chairs, bought tableware and decorations. We did everything we could to make the day beautiful for everyone. We then spent a day and a half cleaning and getting everything in order for our guests on Thursday. We spent a good portion of the day cooking for everyone. Then everyone was done eating in about 20 minutes!

It's amazing how much time you spend only for it to be over in the blink of an eye!

But it was a GREAT Thanksgiving filled with family that Erik hasn't seen in a long time, and some of his family I have never met and have never met Emily.

Our turkey was delicious (we BBQ it) and everything else was just SO yummy. I am assuming I blew my Weight Watchers diet (well...there is no need to assume - I DID) but hopefully I'll have enough time to do damage control before I weigh in on Wednesday!

Here are some pics from Thanksgiving:

Emily trying some mashed potatoes and turkey!

Cute Little Munchkin...

The Family At Their Candlelight Dinner... (Not the best picture - from where we were sitting we couldn't get everyone and you can't tell it was by candlelight!)

The day after Thanksgiving, I decided I was not going to attempt Black Friday. I think getting a migraine the night before solidified that decision for me. However...upon waking up at 6ish with Emily...I started getting the bug. I took out the ads my dad brought to me (we don't get the paper) and started going through them. I then decided I'd go to ONE place and get something that was on sale. I loaded the munchkin up and off we went. Only to find that we were too late and they were sold out! Figures!

After I got home...Erik mentioned going and looking at washer and dryers because our dryer is going out. When it takes 3 times to dry's time for a new dryer! So we went and looked. We found the ones we liked but decided we'd better sleep on it and make sure. Erik went back the next day and got the ones we looked at...and this:

We won't get it until the middle of the month - and although I don't think we NEED it...I can't wait to get it! :) Gotta love Black Friday! :)

In other uncle was in the hospital for having heart problems. He ended up having heart surgery yesterday and is doing SO much better. They put in 2 stints (for now) and will monitor him to see if he may need more. The surgery was a little tricky so it took longer than normal but his heart is doing okay now! It was SO cool to see the pictures they took and to learn about the heart! I think it's also amazing how you can go in, have surgery on your heart (and be awake during it) and then be released the next day! Technology sure has come a long way!!! I am SO glad he's doing okay now! :)


Kimmy said...

Looks like you guys sure had a wonderful time! The tables and setup was very nice...and I could tell it was candle light.

Isn't it fun and exciting to get a new tv??!! We just got our new one last week. We of course had to downsize (from 60" to 52") but it has saved SO MUCH room in our family room and the picture is awesome! I love it! Have fun with it once you get it!

Kimmy said...

You are so welcome!! ;0)

I found the button thingy at I had to search big time but when I finally found it, it is sooooo easy too!! Check it out!

The Wife O Riley said...

Congrats on your new TV and dryer. I LOVE our new TV, but I end up staying up way too late watching it.

I'm glad your uncle is doing well.

jori-o said...

Wow! You had quite the eventful weekend! Glad to hear your uncle is okay...and life will be so much better with a new washer/dryer AND TV! ;)

alison said...

congrats on finding the goodies, you deserve it after your massive catering! :) sorry to hear about your uncle though. lovin' ms pigtails!

Aubrey said...

Looks like a great Thanksgiving!
The cheeks on Emily are to die for! Love it!!

Minxy Mimi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! Such a pretty table too!
Emily sure is a looker.

My uncle also had heart surgerty and was home in 2 days! Amazing, isnt it?