Friday, January 23, 2009

My update...

So I had school Thursday night and again today (Friday). I wasn't the oldest person in my class on Thursday but today - I think I was.

Last night I left pretty early because usually on the first day of class it is SO packed and parking is ridiculous and so is everything else. So I got to campus and was wondering if I was there on the wrong day. There was SO MUCH parking.

I finally made my way to class - took a seat in the 2nd row like a good little pupil. There was a lady probably close to my age in front of me that was trying to add the class and asked this girl next to me (probably about 19) if she could see her book. She said no. Rude. So I told her she could look at mine.

Then another girl around the age of 18 or so decided to open her mouth:

GIRL: Why did you get that book? That's the wrong one! You are suppose to look at the little things in the bookstore that say what books you need. Did you read it?

ME: I did. It said to get this one and the lab one.

GIRL: No, you only needed this one (holding up the $10 lab book).

ME: That's just the lab book isn't it.


ME: Well...the teacher for the other chemistry class happened to be there and showed me which books to get so these are the two I got.

GIRL: shouldn't listen to any other teacher but ours. Isn't that obvious. Why would you do that?

ME: Well - if I got the wrong book and spent $100 on it - I'll just return it - no biggie.

Do you know much I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it when the teacher held up the RIGHT books to have and I had the right ones and she didn't have the book - AND had the wrong lab book! :) Yes...I was immature and looked at her when he held them up! She didn't even look at me! :)

So that class was full of REALLY young kids. One of them I think was so young that she must still be in high school. Her mom walked her to class, brought her dinner in the middle of class and waited outside the door for her. Weird. There was a couple there that was probably 18/19 as well and they decided it would be fun to hang all over each other in the lab.

The teacher ROCKS. He is so laid back and actually got me excited about a subject I have NEVER had an interest in - EVER. :) It may be a good class - until we get to the hard part! :)

Today was longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. It is a friggen SEVEN HOUR CLASS. Starts at 9 ends at 4 plus it's about a 45 minute drive with traffic for me. The teacher...well...he's quite a talker. He doesn't believe in note taking. He has done all our note taking and flash cards and whatever else online. School sure has evolved because I am a huge note taker. Or at least I was. He REALLY discouraged taking notes in class unless you ABSOLUTELY had to.

I got to class 15 minutes early but still had to sit in the front row because it was packed. I prayed not to be picked on - but God didn't answer my prayers. We had to do a lab where we had to measure our height, weight and waist size. He picked a girl next to me to do the height. Lucky. I got picked to do the waist. It brought back horrible memories of my baby shower where they take the string to measure how big your belly is. Well...same concept here. I even said it reminded me of my baby shower out loud! LOL!

The majority of the class was lecture on sex. I think I saw one too many pictures of STDs today. I think I also heard one too many giggles about being pregnant. It's funny that all the young girls would cringe and giggle when the teacher talked about child birth and checking the cervix and whatever. Oh do they have something in store for them!

In the lab I was lucky enough to sit next to a really cool girl! I made a friend! I was glad about that. On the way out she told me she was sitting next to me next Friday and I said I sure hope so. She then made my laugh by saying "because I am not one of the 18/19 year olds in there - I need someone more my age!" I asked how old she was...25. LOL! I had to laugh. I guess that is the closest person in there to my age - LITERALLY. I told her I was almost 10 years older than her! :) It was cute.

So now I am home - was debating doing homework but I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE headache that kept me awake. Usually I can go to sleep but last night I couldn't. I think I MAYBE slept for 1/2 an hour - if that.

So now it's off to catch up on Grey's Anatomy and then off to bed!

'til next time...


Baby Momma said...

Glad it wasn't too terrible! And I'm really glad you made a friend.

yeah, all those teenyboppers laughing about childbirth. They have NO idea. Just you wait kiddos. Just you wait. :p

Now get to studying!!!!

Young Momma said...

I'm glad it wasn't too bad!!!

Please please forgive me if you answered already - what are you going for??

I'm also glad you got to let that girl know that she was WRONG! LOL! Yeah, she sounds like a snotty...!

I have yet to make a friend in my class! I'm envious!! lol It's hard to tell the age of the girls in my class - but I'd say I'm around the average age... but I feel like their all real snooty because their already teachers, or just very introverted. lol

Kimmy said...

See, that's one of the reasons I DON'T miss school. There's always that one person who happens to stick their nose in. Good for you though!! I would have looked at her too!! lol

I'm so happy you found someone that was cool! Funny how she doesn't want to be next to those "18/19 yr olds" although she's closer in age with them then you. Hey, works out for the best for you though! :O)

I can feel your pain with the headache! I've been waking up with headaches for about a week now. Not sure if it's stress or this cold coming on or the combo of both. Hope you are able to catch up on your sleep though. That's seriously sucks. I can't function without my sleep.

Serenity said...

School sounds like it had a great start...I laughed about the girl and the books and the giggles over childbirth (isn't nice to have an advantage since you have given birth)...just wait till they start having kids :) As for the STDs I think the images are somewhat graphic they are so interesting...when I was in 7th grade I took a peer counseling class and we had to watch a video and see medical images of was the most interesting thing I have ever seen and learned about.
I am so happy and thrilled for you about going back to school. I thought of you all day yesterday! Keep us updated and show those young thangs how school is done :D

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

It sounded so great! Don't worry... attrition is huge on college... All the weirdos will either quit or transfer out.

Take it from me... I got my degree in night college.

Minxy Mimi said...

LOL, that girl at first sounds like such a brat! That makes me laugh that she was so wrong!!! YAY
and I am so glad you found a friend! Good for you!