Monday, January 5, 2009


For the past 3 or 4 years, my friend Trina and I get together to wrap Christmas presents and consume some adult-like beverages (usually champagne). This year...err....last year was no exception!

However, this year...darn it...I mean last year...(whatever...I am over it...when I say "this year" I mean 2008) we had our friends Gina and Val over to help. We also changed from champagne to chocolate martinis! Yum!

When you get four women together, mixed with chocolate do some silly things. Like wear Christmas socks...or peg your pants "just because"! Even hubby, who was completely sober, decided to peg his pants too. But he wouldn't let us take a picture of it!

Even the kids joined in the fun of wrapping! :)

By the end of the night...we were a little silly...a little intoxicated...and ready to be done with wrapping already!!!

It was a great time and I am SO glad that Val and Gina made their way over this year! I hope they will join us next year too!!!

However, I do have one word of advice for any of you out there that would like to try some chocolate martinis...they are HEAVEN. You really can't taste the alcohol. But...they are bad because of that. They are a dangerous drink! I suppose moderation would be the key in this type of situation...but they are just soooo yummy that you can't help having a second...or a third! Needless to say...I didn't feel good later on that night! Thank goodness I have the cure for hangovers because I amazingly woke up without one! :)


Kimmy said...

HEY....I have (Whoops....Santa has..hee hee!) that wrapping paper that Trina wrapped herself in.

Looks like you girls had tons of fun!! And yes...Yummy those chocolate martini's looked too :oP

Baby Momma said...

That was so much fun. I can't believe you put that picture in of K grabbing my boob. That really did hurt!!

Good times. I do love my chocolate martinis. Hmmm, maybe we need those and some Guitar Hero. what do you think; chocolate martinis & taquitos? yummmm

The Wife O Riley said...

That looks like a great time and some great drinks!

But, what's the cure?

Trina said...

Haha...Gina wrapped me up in Santa's paper! What a great night!

Jo-Jo said...

Chocolate! This is the second post I have read tonight about chocolate! I want some so bad. Dang my diet!

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

Oh my God that looked like ssoooo much fun!!!

I love a good martini!!!

Young Momma said...

Aww I wish I had good gal pals to do stuff like that with! And I could really really really go for a chocolate martini. That just looked so friggen yummy! How'd you make them??? I'm glad you had fun. The kids are adorable and you guys look like you had a ball! I'm glad your hubs was there to supervise you ladies! lol

MommaKiss said...

AWESOME tradition! Love the pictures, esp the pegged jeans & toe gloves.