Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Since Mr. Linky is Back Up...

I wanted to thank everyone that participated in

yesterday!!! I know I asked you to leave comments because Mr. Linky was messed up and I appreciate all of you for doing so!

Since I don't want any of you to be missed - I thought I would list everyone that participated!

I encourage all of you that didn't participate - and those that did - to check out these amazing blogs and leave them comments!!!

I also would LOVE for you to join me in Thankful Tuesday next week if you'd like!!! :)

Also - I did start doing a Fun Foto Friday but since I am already doing Thankful Tuesday I thought I'd leave the "foto fun" to Kimmy! I hope you all participate! I am already getting my pictures ready! I have been scanning 395802358327035783014813058 pictures as part of a project I am doing so I have quite a few cute ones to share! So be sure to check out her page on Friday and join in the fun!

So, once again, thanks for participating yesterday and be sure to leave these people comments! :)

The Perfect Pen

Trina over at Trina's Place to Blog

Kimmy over at Our Lifes Journey

Serenity over at Russell Party of Five

Kristen over at Somethin' About Nothin'


The Mommy said...

Your so sweet for listing everyone! I'm excited about continuing this on my blog :)

ps: I know my business is called Kim's Keepings -but Kim isn't my name ;)

Denise said...

UH OH! I wasn't sure of your name - I will change it in the post - sorry about that!